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Please read before contacting Jimmy


To help respect your time, there are a few important things to share before contacting Jimmy.

10 years of continuous growth has impacted scheduling and created many challenges for opportunities to invest in new business relationships. It’s common to average around 8 calls a day from individuals searching for someone to help with their home repairs. This volume makes it difficult to return everyone’s call. If your call is not returned in 24 hours, it’s because scheduling is too far out to consider new business. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

A few more important things to mention

  • It’s only Jimmy at All Star Services & Repair, LLC. This will affect the size of job that can be handled and time it takes to complete the job.
  • Jimmy does not subcontract any work to other trades.
  • No services are provided for rental properties.
  • No business will be provided to property management companies. All business is done directly with the homeowner or business owner.
  • Scheduling is generally weeks out.  Emergency calls or same day services can not be scheduled.


Free Written Quotes 

All written quotes from All Star Services & Repair, LLC are currently free. After reviewing your job, a detailed written quote will be emailed within 24 to 48 hours. Majority of jobs quoted will have an exact price to complete the job.

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